"When things get tough I put on my headphones and listen to my favorite songs. Music takes me away to a better place. Hope it can help u too. "

Chuck Comeau - Simple Plan (via ohyeahsimpleplan)

Chuck comeau

"Turn the music up and let go. "

The Rest Of Us - Simple Plan

"It’s okay, it’s okay that I’m not that good at anything. "

The Rest Of Us - Simple Plan.

It’s so cool when anonymous persons come to my ask and say to me: Simple Plan saved my life because….
It’s so amazing have the chance to read and know all those stories. All the times this 5 guys helped to keep those persons alive.
I’m proud of this band, of OYSP - because we help to keep you next to them- and all of the fans who keep fighting even when everything is lost. 
Never give up guys ‘cuz the world belong to the rest of us.


"I’m okay, I’m okay. I don’t need to be a billionair. "

The Rest Of Us - Smple Plan.
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